Still beautiful Sydney

Still beautiful Sydney

Sydney is transitioning to springtime. The winter and its cold weather were on the last run last week. It also has been 6 months since I started working from home due to the COVID-19 situation. Part of me starts to long for more outdoor activities, but the other part is already used to staying at home.

One thing I am going to miss in Sydney winter is its night scene. It was easy to go out at 5 pm and see Sydney easing into the dark gracefully. I was looking for some reason to go out so I did exactly this in an afternoon.

Hopping on a subway, I aligned at Milsons Point station and strolled along the coastal walk to look for new views of Sydney CBD. I imagine that the Sydney Opera House seen across the water would look amazing. I wasn’t disappointed after all.

The views from Jeffrey St Wharf is refreshing. It is beautiful as if someone drew this view in a painting before actually building it.

Sydney CBD skyline

I saw a few people fishing at the wharf and felt amazed at how patient and focused they looked when doing that. I took a time-lapsed photo and the man appeared so still that there wasn’t any blur around him in the photo.

Sydney Harbour Bridge

When I reached Beulah St Wharf after a long walk from previous wharf, a fairy-like scene was unveiled. This wharf was much closer to Sydney Opera House so I could see more details of its fine architecture. Hidden behind a long row of residential houses, the scene appeared suddenly and my eyes were rather “captured” by it than the other way around. There were only one or two people at the wharf but it felt very bustling. Then I realised that I was more familiar with the calm environment at my house.

Ferries passing by back and forth with their evening lights added a playful touch to the time-lapsed photos I took. Seeing it reminded me of Vivid Sydney, which is my favourite event in winter. Unfortunately, it was cancelled this year, but we’ll see it again in August 2021 hopefully. When I think about it, it’s quite a long time from now, October 2020, but time flies so it might feel just like a blink, similar to my 2020.

Sydney Opera House

As the COVID-19 situation in Sydney has become better, the stress I have when going out starts to wear down. Not that I stopped wearing masks or taking precaution, but mostly the hope of the future that makes me feel this way. The future can be uncertain, but I am positive about how resilient we can be. And Sydney is still beautiful.