Mt. Semeru, Indonesia

Mt. Semeru, Indonesia

In September 2015, I joined a hiking group in my company at the time, Wego, and summited peak Semeru, Indonesia. It was a challenge that I really enjoyed, especially with my new colleagues.

From Singapore to Surabaya

Leaving the office early, I with my colleagues went to Changi airport. We flew from Singapore to Surabaya (SUB). Our guide picked us at the airport then drove us to Malang (MLG), where we stayed overnight before the long journey.

Our airport bus in Surabaya airport

We looked excited for the trip after a long flight. Photo’s credit: Zhai Yao. I was holding my Panasonic Lumix LX7.

Camping at Ranu Kumbolo

We reached the camping site after a long hike and stayed there for dinner and resting.

The summit at midnight

Semeru, or Mount Semeru, is an active volcano located in East Java, Indonesia. It is the highest mountain on the island of Java. This stratovolcano is also known as Mahameru, meaning ‘The Great Mountain’. Midnight is the best time to summit Semeru so we can avoid the crazy heat during day, especially on cloudless day.

Taking a break during the climb

Taking a break during the climb

Somewhere close to the peak

Somewhere close to the peak.

A local porter easily conquering the height without using many hiking gears like us.

A local porter easily conquering the height without using many hiking gears like us.

We were very tired at this point. The chance of reaching the peak by sunrise has past so we decided to take a rest before the last push.

The local porter coming down from the peak. Their movement made me think they were moon-walking.

Our tour guide is a tough guy. Seeing him climb persistently encouraged me in the last push.

Not sure why I was wearing shade in this photo. Maybe it was too sunny for me. We borrowed the signage and did a quick shot. Worth it!

Sunrise by the lake


It was the start of new day. We were going to leave this lake. For the locals here, it were a day like any other days.

Sunrise at Bromo

People that share the moment with me.